Komora certifikovaných účetních České republiky

Houškova 32, 326 00 Plzeň

tel. 910801780

fax  910801782


Chamber of Certified Accountants Czech Republic

Chamber of Certified Accountants Czech Republic is a self-governing professional organization established by Czech professional accountants at its Constitutive Assembly in April 2010.

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The primary goals of the Chamber are:
  • contribute to development and improvement of the accounting profession in the Czech Republic by implementation of a system of certification of accounting professionals based on entry requirements of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC);
  • provide system of Continued Professional Development of accountants (CPD);
  • issue the Code of Ethics and other standards governing activities of professional accountants;
  • supervise adherence of professional accountants to the standards;
  • participate on development of the accounting profession in the field of accounting methodology and the assertion of legislative regulations of accounting profession with other professional organizations and economic universities; and
  • become a full member of IFAC professional body in the near future.
Membership in the Chamber is voluntary. To become a member of this body, adepts have to fulfil the following criteria:
  • possess relevant professional certificate:
  • professional accounting certification scheme compliant with International Educational Standards (IES), e.g. CPA licence, Czech accounting certification scheme, ACCA or other internationally recognised certification scheme
  • students of economic universities or professional qualification programs can become associate members
  • prove relevant practice; and
  • accept the Code of Ethics.

All members of the Chamber are obliged to complete 40 hours of the CPD per year, out of which at least 25 hours must be verifiable. Should a member fail to comply with this obligation in a given period of time, the fulfilment of the obligation may be postponed to the subsequent two years, however, at least 120 hours of the CPD have to be completed in all three successive years. It is deemed that the CPD may be terminated only in the case of termination of activities of the member in the profession.


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